Music of the Moment

After a summer of culture I have got quite a few new top songs, and an old favourite! Here are my top 5 of the moment:

1. Disclosure

After seeing these guys at Latitude, I can firmly call myself a fan! They’re clever brand of electro-pop is great to dance or chill-out to.

2. Matt Corby

I finally got round to buying the Into the Flame album, and as suspected I loved it. My favourite song has to be Resolution.

3. Katy Perry

I fluctuate between loving and hating Katy Perry. But her new song Roar is exactly the version of her I love to see – empowered, talented and with a good message. It is so far from California Girls, or Peacock, and much closer to Firework. Although I have to say the video is a little over long…

4. Ellie Goulding

I don’t normally like Ellie Goulding, but her new album has very much changed my mind. In particular, Anything Could Happen makes me very happy and relaxed.

5. Adele

This month I have spent a lot of time on trains, and my favourite relaxing train music is the sweet tones of Adele’s singing. I love so many of her songs, but one of the best has to be Crazy for You.


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