Edinburgh #2

This week has felt a lot busier – we have finished with most of the 241 and preview deals so we are trying to get people to part with more money to see the shows – a much harder sell I’m sure you’d agree. Still I have managed to see some shows, and am still impressed with the standard:

Sad Faces… Threw a party – This is one of our shows, but I did manage to catch it and had a great time. The premise is that Sad Faces have thrown a party with the audience as the guests, and it all goes wrong! A really fun show, and you get party bags at the end.

Matt Forde: The political party – a really good satire show from an ex Labour lobbyist who does some spot on impressions!

Greg Proops (podcast recording) – although we didn’t see Proops do his proper stand up, I really enjoyed the podcast recording. He has some interesting opinions and still manages to keep the ‘show’ funny and entertaining despite the slightly odd format. Although I would still like to see his stand up, I definitely think I will be catching up on his other podcasts.
School Night (variety) – the premise for this show is very fun; various comedians come on to ‘teach’ the audience things – we had sociology, French, PE and psychology this time around, and it was really good fun!

Late Night Gimp Fight – this 5 man sketch group make such a fun, ridiculous and weird show! Normal sketch comedy is interspersed with videos made by the ‘gimps’ who help the comedians with scene changes. It is a great late night show to catch if you are looking for something a bit silly!

Hot Dub Time Machine – this is more of a club night, but I think it still deserves a mention considering its popularity. A song is played from every year from the 1950s to now. It was such a fun night; you were twisting, MC Hammer-ing and raving all in one night, it was great! I think the night travels around, so catch it if you can!

Although I have really enjoyed everything I have seen so far nothing has been particularly mind-blowing, I think mainly because I have only seen comedy shows up till now. Luckily my day off is coming up very soon, and I am planning to see a lot more theatre in the next week!


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