Edinburgh #1

I have been working at the Fringe for six days now, and have just had some time to write to you all. Sorry! I have been having a fantastic time flyering for Ditto Productions (plug post coming soon), meeting new people and seeing shows. Now that I am in the swing of things I think my plan to review everything I saw properly, as well as telling you stories from being on a street team, is probably a little out of reach, so instead I thought I would take Sunday nights (my self-designated night in to sleep and rest) to give you weekly updates. Obviously if I have any more time, or a show I really want to review in depth I will, but these posts will probably be a bit more sparse.

We have been incredibly lucky with the weather, so I have really got to see Edinburgh as a city in its best light. I really love it. The buildings are beautiful, the people are funny and friendly (even the ones who aren’t comedians!) and there are so many little shops and cafes here that are a nice change to the massive chain stores that are about in London. I am very aware that Edinburgh during the Fringe is practically a different city, but it is shaping up to be more than lovely!

In terms of shows that I have seen this week, I have seen the shows that I am flyering for: The Beta Males… in Superopolis; Farce Noir: The Big Sheep; Jay Foreman: No More Colours; and Sock Puppet, by John Luke Roberts. I have also seen David Trent: This is all I have; Claudia O’Doherty: Pioneer; Iain Stirling; and Late ‘n’ Live, a variety show in which I got to see The Noise Next (and I don’t know the names of the rest of the acts – they either never said or I wasn’t concentrating for various reasons…) All of the shows have been great! I really have been impressed with the quality of everything I have seen; a lot have been just as weird as it was wonderful, and I am really hoping I continue this fantastic run.

If anyone is up at the Fringe and has recommendations for shows that I should see, please put them in the comments, I’d love to see some new shows/ performers!


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