My Latitude Experience

Over the 3 days of Latitude I managed to see 30 different acts – I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth! I managed to see almost all the acts that were on my wish list, plus a few more, most of which were surprisingly good! I thought I would give you a brief (as possible) run down of who I saw and what I thought:


Bipolar Sunshine: My friend took me to see this band on recommendation from her sister – they played really nice summery indie music.

Maccabees: I have seen the Maccabees before, and they were just as good as I remember. I love their music, and live they are impeccable.

Bloc Party: I only know about 3 Bloc Party songs, and they didn’t play any of them. It didn’t help that I had a horrible migraine during their set, but I think I am just not a fan of most of their music.

King Charles: Apart from an horrifically pretentious song about Nelson Mandela, I enjoyed King Charles’ set a lot more than I thought I would, and would definitely like to listen to more of his music.

Matt Corby: This time around Matt Corby had an additional 3 musicians (playing guitar, flute, and piano) who really added to his already brilliant songs. And he is still just as beautiful, which helps.

Everything Everything: They were just as good as when I saw them at my Summer Ball – but this time with a lot more people in the tent!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: They had so much energy! Karen O was jumping around the stage for the whole set, I got tired just watching – it was great for getting the crowd going.

Kraftwerk: I cannot say I’m a fan of Kraftwerk (unlike my parents – they were so excited) but I was so intrigued by how they were going to do a 3D concert at a festival –  I was really hoping they were just being sarcastically clever and playing on the fact that we would be seeing them in the flesh. I don’t think I was in the right mood to enjoy their set to the full, but I can see that I would like their music in a different situation.

Alt-J: I have a couple Alt-J songs that I really like (Matilda and Breezeblocks), and I really enjoyed the rest of their set! The only problem is I don’t think they should have been the headliners on the second stage. Since they only have 1 album’s worth of material, the band had to do some covers – it was a shame they couldn’t preview any new material, which I think the crowd would really have enjoyed.

Laura Mvula: I really enjoyed Laura Mvula – as did my parents – the only act I recommended that they liked, so you know she was good! I really like that she uses classical instruments to create a really unusual sound, and it helps that her voice is fantastic.

James Blake: As expected, James Blake was beautiful. That’s pretty much all I need to say!

Rudimental: They were so much fun to watch, they really got the crowd going and I was so impressed by the vocalists and the trumpeter!

Disclosure: I loved Disclosure – my friend and I danced our socks off! They have definitely persuaded me to buy their new album.

Foals: I was really disappointed by Foals. I love some of their songs, particularly Miami, This is Orient, and Cassius. They played none of these, instead playing a much newer, more rock-y style of songs, with a lot of screaming guitar breakdowns. As my Dad put it, they are trying to be a stadium band now, and this means they have lost the more delicate, picked-guitar-strings style of music that I really enjoyed. Also the lead singer Yannis swore every single time he spoke to the audience, which I found really unnecessary!


Romesh Ranganathan: I hadn’t heard of Romesh Ranganathan, but I really enjoyed his set!

Seann Walsh: He was really great, very physical and on the ball with his observations.

Terry Alderton: I caught the end of his set getting to the Comedy tent, and really enjoyed his very odd brand of comedy.

Shappi Khorsandi: Shappi did quite standard jokes in her set, a lot of them censored because there were quite a few children in the front row! I think this was a shame because I often find her appearances on TV a little dull, and would liked to have seen her more risque side. However she did make me laugh and was generally good.

Matt Rees: Matt is a relatively new comedian from Wales – he was pretty good although I think he needs a little more refining.

Dylan Moran: I must confess I could not remember who Dylan Moran was, and so was a little confused when a huge number of people flooded the Comedy tent before his set. However the minute he came on I was incredibly pleased I had got there earlier. He was completely amazing, made me almost cry from laughing with his re-write of 50 Shades of Grey, and also managed to be incredibly insightful as well as hilarious.

Josh Widdicombe: Although I have never found him overly funny on TV, live I think Josh Widdicombe is really quite fabulous!

Joe Lycett: I was so excited to see Joe Lycett again. When I was 17, he played at a comedy event my cousin organised. Unfortunately, being under 18, my friends and I had to leave at 7 because of the venue’s licence. Unfortunately, and very embarrassingly, we were at the front and so had to stand up in front of Joe’s set, and he was great at dealing with the very odd situation! He was just as brilliant in front of a very big crowd at Latitude, and I thoroughly recommend you see him if you get the chance!

Kerry Godliman: I only caught a tiny bit of Kerry’s set, but she was really fab for the couple of jokes I managed to see.

Simon Evans: I quite enjoyed his brand of angry-old-man comedy, but my friends really disliked it, which I thought was quite interesting. So maybe not one for everyone, but I liked Simon Evans.

Nina Conti: Normally ventriloquism doesn’t really attract me, but Nina Conti does a fantastic set of routines! There is a lot of audience participation, which created loads of laughs in itself, and the personalities she gives her puppets are fantastic.

Eddie Izzard: Initially I quite enjoyed Eddie Izzard’s set, but about half way through it became very odd and my friends and I found it really difficult to follow and find funny (so we went to get dinner…) A lot of the audience really liked it though, so I’m not sure if there is a generational difference with his jokes, or if he harks back a lot to his other shows, but maybe we were just missing something!


Hollie Mcnish: I’ve loved Hollie’s poetry ever since I came across her recording of ‘Mathematics’  on Twitter. Unfortunately because of a misprint in the programme I only got to see a few minutes of her Latitude set, but I thought the 3 poems I saw were fantastic!

Daniel Kitson & Gavin Osbourne: This pair were the headliners on Saturday night, who I ended up watching because my friends had gone back to their tent to get some drink and I wanted to stay in the warm. They performed an epic adventure poem set to music, which was such fun to watch – they performed it amazingly well and the story was really moving and weird at the same time.

Kevin Eldon: I randomly looked into the Literature tent while waiting for my friends and recognised the performer from Bill Bailey’s parody of Kraftwerk. On his own Kevin Eldon was amazing – completely random and weird but hilarious.

Sink the Pink: On a late night explore around the Faraway Forest, we stumbled across Sink the Pink – an amazing drag-show-come-club-night, where some of the most fabulous trannies I have ever seen played the best pop songs (including Vogue and Bootylicious) and danced in mind-blowingly high heels! It may not be for everyone, but I had a great time.

Overall, I loved Latitude. It was such a nice relaxed festival, with minimal moshing and craziness that I had experienced at Reading. Although it was very expensive – almost every meal was £7 or more – Latitude is the perfect festival to satisfy everyone’s needs – more relaxed so parents and children can enjoy themselves, but still with a fun atmosphere that young people can take advantage of without annoying everyone around them!


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