Day Trip to Bath

As part of our attempt to make sure our American flatmate saw the best of England, a few flatmates and I went to Bath for the day. I was really excited at the prospect of seeing the Roman Baths – I was thoroughly bitten by the archaeology bug from a young age thanks to my mum – and they did not disappoint at all.




This is my favourite thing in any Roman site – a hypocaust. Effectively the Romans invented underfloor central heating, and I have always found that fascinating. (I’m cool I know…)

The baths were really well organised, with good audio-guides (I preferred listening to the children’s track; it had characters that guided you around different parts of the site), and some of the original Roman features were incredibly well preserved.


The bridge from Les Miserables 


Under a tree in a beautiful park (I forget the name)


Bath Cathedral

Bath was a very beautiful city, with lovely little streets to walk down and good parks to sit in and enjoy the sun. We found cute cafes to lunch in, and marvelled at the cleanliness of the golden ‘Bath Stone’ buildings. I’d really like to return to Bath around Christmas, apparently the market is fantastic, but whatever the time of year, it is great to know there is so much to see around my second home!


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