Say My Name (Daily Prompt)

“Hi, my name is Verity”

“Sorry, Ferity?” “Variety, really?” “Sorry, I didn’t catch that.”

This is unfortunately how a lot of my introductions go, especially in a loud room. Having an unusual name is both a blessing and a curse. Not many people have heard the name Verity, and so get it wrong a lot. It also doesn’t lend itself to nicknames, so I’m mostly called V. Or Vezza, which I despise. Or one particularly witty guy named me ‘very green tea’, a lovely play on Verity Green, that got very boring very quickly. 

But on the flip side it is really fun to feel a bit individual. In my year there were countless Emilys, Jess’ and Lucys. But just one Verity. In fact I have only met about 4 other Veritys in my entire life, surprisingly one living in the floor below me in my Uni halls. Having to say ‘the other Verity’ is a really weird feeling for me after 18 years of relative uniqueness. Obviously the name doesn’t make the person, but being able to stick in people’s memories that little bit better because of my name is quite fun. 

I’m named Verity, not because my parents were hoping I would be exceptionally truthful when I grew up, but because my mum rather liked Latin and abstract virtues. My elder sister is called Felicity, so together we make quite the nice pair of Truth and Happiness. If there had been another child I think they were planning to move on to Chastity, so I’m quite glad it’s just the two of us really. 

Despite its problems I really like my name. It’s fun, looks nice written down and goes with my too short surname. Although I wouldn’t ever change it officially, I did choose my other favourite name – Cecilia – as my confirmation name, so at least I always have that as an option. And I find it really fun to come up with a number of names to tell the people at Starbucks, so if you are thinking of changing your name I do suggest that as a way to see if you like how a name sounds when it’s associated with you! 

Have you got any fun stories about your name? Have a go at the Daily Prompt!



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