Music of the Moment #2

Recently my dad got Spotify Premium, and like the lovely father that he is, he allowed me to use his details! So this month I have been able to listen to a lot more new music without breaking my bank account,  especially whole albums which is normally a bit of a luxury for me. So let’s get right into the music I have been loving:

1. Daft Punk

Daft Punk’s new release Get Lucky has been constantly played on the radio (unsurprising since it’s currently no.1 in the UK), and I love the happy summer vibe of this song. The rest of the album Random Access Memories has just been released on Spotify and on my first listen, for the most part it was great. There was a great mix of old-style Daft Punk techno music, and the newer, softer style of Get Lucky.

2. Paramore

Paramore’s new album post-Farro Brothers departure is probably my favourite of theirs. Although I never really went through the emo phase as a teenager, my friend introduced me to Paramore a few years ago and I really liked a lot of their slower songs, like The Only Exception. But this new album has a really good mix of their more traditional emo rock and this sort of slower, simpler song. Hate to See Your Heart Break is my favourite song off the album, although Still Into You is a close second!

3. Robin Thicke

Despite the dodgy video (especially the original…) Robin Thicke’s new song with Pharrell and T.I. is just so fun and easy to dance to, which I love for the summer (even if the English weather hasn’t quite clocked on to this). Although this is his first big entry in the charts Robin Thicke has a huge back catalogue, and one of my all time favourite songs is Everything I Can’t Have, which I salsa to (very badly) around my room when I’m getting ready for a night out!

4. Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake

This is the full ballet, in case you have a spare 2 hours.

Bit of an odd one, but I love listening to classical music when I’m writing an essay – there are no words for me to be distracted by and the big epic moments in this ballet really help me to write faster! It’s also one of my favourite ballets, and the music makes me happy. The Planets by Holst is also a good motivator, especially Jupiter (if only for the snippet of I Vow to Thee My Country)

5. Jazz

Recently my flatmate, who is a fabulous singer and music student here at Bristol, has done quite a few performances. Her style is focused on Jazz music, and so I’ve been listening to a lot of that thanks to her! I love some of the classics; Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Carole King, Herbie Hancock etc. Some of the more pop-y stuff I’ve been listening to include all of Michael Bublé’s collection, Katie Melua and Norah Jones (especially her older albums).

I hope you enjoyed my music of the moment, let me know what you’ve been listening to!


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