A Reminder

Yesterday a man was brutally killed by two others in broad daylight in Woolwich, London. This is a horrible tragedy in itself, but it is also being called an act of terrorism by many because the killers were filmed shouting islamic chants, supposedly in the language of jihad. While these men may have been acting in the name of Islam, worrying numbers of people have been taking this as a chance to spread their racist, Islamophobic message. The scariest I have seen so far are the tweets from the English Defence League calling the people of London to take to the streets to hunt ‘them’ down. This was the work of two deranged men acting in a way that is not deemed acceptable by any establishment or religion, and I worry for my country if that is how some people see this. There are countless articles on the horrible messages left by people after this attack, so I thought I would instead gather some of my favourite positive messages that remind people that attacks such as these are not the fault of a religion, but of the people who hide their horrific and cowardly actions under the label of one.


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