Music of the Moment

Generally I can tolerate most music ( as long as its not on the extreme end of any genre – heavy metal and grime aren’t really my thing) – and this means that I really struggle to answer the question ‘what’s your favourite music?’ My music taste seems to change monthly, depending on the season, what mood I am in and whether I have bothered to buy anything new. So I thought I’d give you a little run down of the songs/ albums I am really liking at the moment, and make this a regular feature so that I can document what my actual music taste is!

  1. James Blake: I love pretty much anything this man produces, and have recently discovered what I think is my favourite song of his. Case of You (a cover of Joni Mitchell) showcases everything I love about James Blake – his beautiful singing voice, impressive piano skills and his ability to play about with rhythm that make his more techno-y songs really interesting. I also really like Limit to your Love, mainly because at the moment my Contemporary Dance class is choreographing to it. Blake’s new album ‘Overgrown’ has just been released, so look out for a more in-depth review of that in the coming weeks.   
  2. Sam Smith: He came to my attention by featuring vocals in Disclosure’s ‘Latch’, which is a good dance song, but it is Sam Smith’s acoustic songs that put him on my favourites playlist. Lay Me Down is a beautiful song, exhibiting a huge vocal range and real lyric skill –  I get shivers every time I listen to it! Sam Smith’s EP is his first solo offering, and I am very excited about what is to come from this great talent. 
  3. Of Monsters and Men: My friend introduced me to this band about a month ago, when their song ‘Little Talks’ was getting a lot of attention. Their album My Head is an Animal is really very good, and displays a good amont of variety from this Icelandic six-piece. My favourite songs from the album are ‘King and Lionheart’, ‘Six Weeks’  and ‘Your Bones’. 
  4. First Aid Kit: Moving over to the ever so fashionable Scandinavia, this duo of Swedish sisters is a calming, folky addition to any essay writing session. I was lucky enough to see them at the O2 Academy in Bristol, and they were absolutely fantastic. My favourite moment was when they came to front of the stage, and did a completely acoustic sing along with the audience! Their latest album, The Lion’s Roar, has a great selection of songs, my absolute favourite of which is ‘Emmylou’. 
  5. The Wanted: This is my guilty pleasure of the month… I’m not proud of loving this boy band, but at least they are a bit better than One Direction, right? If I’m honest, I think the reason I like them so much is because the Warblers covered a song in Glee, and I happily admit to loving almost every song that show covers. If I’m in need of a pop-y interlude I keep turning to ‘Glad You Came’ and ‘I Found You’, with the 4/4 beats, mainstream pop lyrics and dance-able baseline. 

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  1. The Wanted’s “Glad You Came” and Of Monsters and Men’s “Little Talks” are very popular in the States, though I must admit that I have never heard of the other three musical groups highlighted in your post.

    I am interested in reading more about current musical trends in the UK. It always seems to produce the best musicians – The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, even Jimi Hendrix began his rise to fame in the UK… must be something in the water, perhaps all that pollution in the Thames 🙂

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